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Carpos Academy (powered by Sinis Group)

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Sponsorship Workshop for Sponsees

This workshop aims for Sponsees to understand what sponsorship is and how they can be eligible to have a sponsor.

It is a highly interactive and intensive workshop making the Sponsee, "Sponsor-ready". With practical exercises and by using your own sponsorship proposal as a case study, you will leave the workshop feeling confident to approach and close the deal with your life-long sponsor!

Whether you are an Organization, NGO, Artist, Actor, Athlete, Team, an individual with an idea looking for Sponsorship or wish to become a sponsorship seeking executive, this interactive-intensive coarse will put you in the right direction on finding your life long Sponsor Partner.

What will you gain?

This Workshop aims through fun, team building activities, know-how and each participant’s personal case-study to make sponsorship a must for you and your organization/cause.

More specifically this Workshop will help you to...

Know your image and what you put out there

True self esteam and power to override obstacles

Understand why a sponsor would be interested in you

Build and present a strong sponsorship proposal

Sell and communicate your skills

To think like a sponsor and understand their needs

To approach the “right” Sponsor

Close the deal and build a life-long relationship

Workshop details

This intense workshop is designed to teach you everything you need to know on sponsorship and get you sponsor-ready in 25 hours. These 5 days will have less theory and more interactive exercises using.

Sponsorship introduction + everything you need to know about your sponsor.

Getting to know yourself and self-branding + sponsorship proposal and selling.

Your own case study day - bringing your project to life by learning what works best for you.

Activation day - find out what is stopping you and overcome it with self esteem and go get it.

Sponsor day - you will have the chance to interact and listen to 2 sponsors, sharing your projects and listening to their experience and advice.

Sponsor Day

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Workshop rates

Only 12 available seats

This workshop is strictly for 10-12 atendees and therefore our Policy requires full amount deposited before the workshop. Incase you cannot attend the workshop, there cannot be a refund, but you may attend one of our future workshops.

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Carpos Academy

Carpos Academy (powered by Sinis Group)

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